Grandeur is a fanzine project celebrating Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates.Camilla is a muse to many, continuing to captivate fans and creators long after her initial appearance in Fates. Her ravishing purple locks, unparalleled beauty, deadly strength with which she protects those dear to her, and many more extraordinary qualities keep us coming back to her again and again. We want to create one book that will, for the first time, bring together everything that we love about Camilla, a compilation of love letters through art, a place we can keep coming back to to relive iconic memories from Fates and beyond.We want to create and self-publish an artbook that depicts Camilla in all canon and alternate forms, including holiday and other alts introduced in FE Heroes. And why not even create some of your own? We can't wait to see which exciting new directions our shared muse will take you!

Technical specifications:
B5 physical and digital book
80 pages
physical fan-made merchandise
42 fanartists
5 writers


Organization, Finance, Fulfilment


Graphic Design, Social Media




Writing Editor

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What is a zine?

Zines are generally small, limited-run publications created by individuals or amateur groups. They even have their own Wikipedia page where you can learn more about them.
Fandom zines and fanzines are unofficial fanmade publications published by individuals or groups focused on appreciating franchises and parts that inspired them.
While many of the recent fanzines outgrew the original homemade feel and are commonly run by professionals, we still choose to label the project as a 'zine' because of the community's familiarity with the term and expectations arising from that familiarity.

How experienced is the Production Team?

Each of the Production Team members has an extensive past record of participating in over ten fanzines as artists.Nerinea has two large-size and one medium-size fanzine projects behind them where they handled organization, finances, production, fulfilment and communication - same roles as here, and one small-size project were they were part of a larger Production Team. You can find a full list of projects they were part of here.Enmoire has self-published two fanzines on top of organizing several projects, both profit and non-profit ones. You may view her experiences here.Both Nerinea and Enmoire are merch store owners who run their own independent stores and have years of experience in merch production.

Will this zine be digital or physical?

It will be both! You will be able to purchase it in both a PDF and physical form. We also aim to have both digital and physical merch on sale.

What is the financial nature of this project?

The final deliverables (book and merch) will be sold in physical and digital form via preorders. Funds raised will firstly be used to pay for the production of said items, then to cover contributor copies, and finally, any leftover funds will be used to compensate our Production Team and Contributors. This crowdfunding model is the same as seen in Kickstarter projects.

Is your Production/Contributor Team finalized?

Our Production Team is looking for its final two members! We need a layout designer who will prepare our artbook for print, and a dependable editor who will monitor writing applications and make sure the writing submitted is top-notch. Applications to fill these positions are open until the 28th of January 2022!
We will open Contributor Applications in early February 2022. Please be on the lookout if you're interested in participating as the Contributor Applications will only be open for a month. Our Contributors Team will be made out of invited contributors and contributors accepted through our open applications.

This FAQ will be periodically updated throughout the duration of this project.
More information about the project can be found on our About page.